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He may push the bonds of propriety with Arthur in private but he knew his place.

Errr... What exactly are "the bonds of propriety"??? O_o

ETA: the punctuation in this story is rather hilarious. For example, Arthur gives Merlin many unusual pet names:

Arthur laughed; Merlin would never forget the hat. “It is not another, hat.”
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Jack had always found the space scary in a good way; it saved getting overly attached to something he'd get overly attached to, although this had come to be his home, he lived, worked and loved here.

[and then]

The backbone of the Torchwood 3 team, making sure everything ran smoothly, all the archiving, filing, feeding (of both the team and the animals) and generally taking care of everyone, which went largely unnoticed, how easily the Welshman had blended himself into the background, working like a perfectly oiled machine.

[ETA: and then!]

Jack smiled knowingly, he'd heard Ianto listening to that song before, it was in his c.d. collection, one Jack clearly remembered listening to while he and Ianto were having sex after the cannibals.
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“He looks a tad overdressed for a job in a tourist office.” Rhiannon replied, her eyes sweeping over her brothers suit cad body. “I wonder who that is with him?”

[and then]

Grabbing her husbands arms she dragged him across the bay towards the alleyway her brother and who she assumed was his boss had vanished down, as they reached the entrance they both stopped dead, jaws dropping at the sight before them.


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