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Some with torn, bloody clothes, some I couldn't tell had been wounded at all, but I could see from the road that they all shared the same, milky-white eyes. I shuttered at the sight, feeling more desperate to get going.

Not an uncommon one, but it shouldn't be there in a published book.
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'Mr. Oxford?' Mrs. Earl said again, this time meeting me at the door. She leaned into my ear, staring into my eyes at the same time. 'What's going on?'

If it wasn't awkward enough that he had ears big enough for the teacher to lean into, I think the teacher is also an alien, with eyes on stalks.
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I walked past the large woman in the gurney, looking nervous and upset. Her hand was bandaged, but a large area was saturated with blood. I remembered her from the ER and wondered where her family was. They had all been with her downstairs.

POV Character is a radiologist/doctor, but she's not nervous, the patient is...

Not sure if it's permitted to post from published work, but that tends to be mostly what I read.

This is the latest book by someone who gained an audience with one of those horrible "romance" books that are booming at the moment. I decided to pick this one up, because it's about the apocalypse, but I really don't think I'll be making it through to the end.


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