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How he managed to annunciate through gritted teeth, Harry didn't know.

Note the disembodied cherub heads ignoring the annunciation in favor of making out under Gabriel's feet. Could explain a certain amount of teeth-gritting.
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A couple of years ago, I worked for Oxford University Press as a sense editor on a corpus dictionary. This meant that I'd be given lots of words and their definitions, along with lots of examples of each word in use collected from a corpus, and I had to select a certain number of example sentences for each word to illustrate how a word was used.

The corpus was collected from the internet. The sentences were assigned to their senses automatically. In light of this, perhaps fiction alley might not have been a good source to include. Unfortunately I can't give links to them, but here are some of of the ones I recorded:

"As he walked back up the stairs, he could hear his brother's musing blasting from his room."

"Very now and then, the same fraises were repeated and Blaise figured that they must be arguing about something."

"Terry stayed silent trying to figure out how he should fraise what's been on his mind."

"The clear, crystal water was now spitting out scolding fountains of blood"

And not fanfic, but it is a gem:

"If you have eaten something you are allergic to, then you could go into apoplectic shock and should never have it in your diet."


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